The Military Training department, Central Texas College, Europe Campus is under contract to the Department of Defense and conducts military training for USAREUR and 7th Army Training Command at the Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) in Vilseck, Germany.

Students for these courses must be enrolled by their Training NCOs throughout the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). For more information about the program, student eligibility requirements and necessary equipment, you can access from a computer attached to the Army computer network.


SAM-31 - Small Arms Maintenance Course

The Small Arms Maintenance course is two weeks in length with a maximum 30 students. The course is designed to train unit armorers or soldiers scheduled to serve as unit armorers, to manage an arms room and to perform unit-level maintenance and repair on small arms. Graduates of the course will be qualified to manage arms rooms and perform unit-level maintenance and repair on variety of hand-held, shoulder-fired and crew-served weapons. The course covers the disassembly/re-assembly, inspection, troubleshooting, function testing, care and cleaning of the following weapons:

  • M16A2 rifle/M4 Carbine
  • M203 grenade launcher
  • M2
  • MK19
  • M240
  • M240B
  • M249 machine guns
  • M500 Shotgun
  • M9 pistol

Also covered in the course are fundamentals of small arms and arms room management topics such as military publications, physical security and The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

Enlisted Soldiers must be:

  • The rank of PV2 through SFC.
  • Assigned as a unit armorer or be scheduled to work in a unit arms room after course completion.
  • Physically able to lift and carry 40 pounds unassisted.
  • Not allergic to petroleum-based oils and lubricants (POL) products.


Officers must be assigned additional duty appointments as:

  • Unit arms room officer.
  • Key control officer.
  • Commander’s designated representative for physical security.

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