Targeted, Accelerated and Developmental (TAD)

TAD is a program created to satisfy the state legislation which tasked all Texas institutions to create a non-course based option for students to complete their developmental courses. These courses are organized to not only increase student success in developmental mathematics, but decrease the time spent in developmental courses. Students with a dedication to their learning will have the opportunity to complete their entire developmental sequence in less time. TAD works by individualizing the student’s study plan and allowing the student to concentrate on the concepts they need to be successful in the credit bearing courses and fill in the gaps when necessary.

Developmental Education courses
TAD offers innovative options for developmental mathematics and learning support. TAD participants benefit by receiving tutoring, mentoring and special advising. The TAD program has no jurisdiction or influence over the Financial Aid office and its policies. If you have questions, please e-mail

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Central Texas College
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In state: 1-800-223-4760, ext. 1209
Out-of-state: 1-800-792-3348, ext. 1209