Development Studies was separated into two departments. 


Math Express (Dev. Math)

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Technology Center/Mayborn Science Theater (Bldg. 267) | Room 259 | 254-526-1209 |



Communications (Dev. Reading/Writing)  

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Academic Building (East & West) (Bldg. 208) * | Room 151 * | 254-526-1239 * |





Developmental Studies courses offered by Central Texas College are designed to provide a means for students to remove specific deficiencies or provide refresher coursework while enrolled in academic, occupational or technical programs.

For the 2018-2019 school year, State Colleges and Universities must meet the requirements of House Bill 2223 (HB2223).  The State Law states that a certain percentage of all Developmental Studies students must be in a Co-requisite where the student is enrolled in a College Math or ENGL1301 while concurrently enrolled in a Developmental course or Non-Course Based Option (NCBO).  The advantage of the Co-Req course is that students complete the freshman level Math or English course while receiving targeted developmental material in order to be successful.  The Co-Req saves time and money.  For the 2018-2019 school year, the percentage is 25%; for the 2019-2020 school year, the percentage is 50%; and for the remaining years, the percentage is 75%.

The Developmental Studies Team has designed Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs) and Co-requisite Models (Developmental courses concurrently taught with ENGL 1301, MATH 1332, MATH 1342, and MATH 1314) for students to successfully accelerate their developmental courses. For more information, go to NCBO or use the NCBO link in the menu to the right.

Before enrolling in Developmental Math/Reading/Writing, students should complete the TSI Assessment to be properly placed in classes. Please visit Testing Services to get information about testing at CTC.

Students on academic probation or suspension may be required to complete developmental studies courses to satisfy probation or suspension readmission requirements.

NOTE: Developmental studies courses may not be used to satisfy degree requirements, cannot be used to meet the 25 percent residency toward the degree and cannot be counted in the grade point average (GPA) at Central Texas College.