CTC EagleMail FAQs

CTC EagleMail Login

Lost or forgotten your EagleMail password? 
Contact the IT Help Desk:

Monday -- Thursday
7 a.m. -- 5:30 p.m. CST

7:30 a.m. -- 11:30 a.m. CST

Local Number:

In-State Number:
800-223-4760 Ext 3103 

Out-of-State Number:
800-792-3348 Ext 3103

Email: Help Desk


What is EagleMail?
EagleMail, powered by Google, is the preferred email service for students at Central Texas College.   

How do I get an account?
Every accepted student is assigned an EagleMail account. 

What is my EagleMail account login?
Every student will be given an EagleMail address and individual password. EagleMail addresses are created by combining the first initial and the last name of a student’s legal name (e.g., jsmith@stu.ctcd.edu). Your personal login may contain a number if the previous combination has already been claimed (e.g., jsmith1@stu.ctcd.edu).

I did not receive an email notification about my EagleMail account.  Where can I find my EagleMail address?
Your EagleMail address can be viewed under “User Options> User Profile” in Eagle Self Service.

Do I need to change my password after logging into my account for the first time?
You are not required to change your password, but you are STRONGLY encouraged to do so.

What services are included with EagleMail?  Can I use other Google Applications such as Calendar and Chat?
Yes, but EagleMail is the only service officially supported by CTC.

How long do I get to keep my EagleMail account?
Students get to keep their EagleMail account for life.

What if I already have a personal Gmail account?
Your EagleMail account serves as your official CTC email address. EagleMail is managed by CTC’s IT Division and is separate from your personal Google mail account (Gmail). You cannot use a personal Gmail account to access your EagleMail account. However, you can forward your student email to any personal account!

Can I opt out of EagleMail?
No. Central Texas College distributes important news and information through EagleMail, and many professors use EagleMail to communicate and receive assignments.

Is EagleMail Section 508 compliant?
Users with disabilities should contact the Disabilities Support Office in building 111, room 207.

Does EagleMail meet FERPA guidelines?
Google is contractually and legally obligated to protect your information. Google will not share your personal information with any outside party.

Where can I get help with my EagleMail account?

Google HelpIf you have a specific question, go to the top-right corner of your EagleMail page and click on the Help link. On the Help page, you can browse through specific categories or type a question into the search box.

CTC IT Help DeskContact the IT Help Desk at 254-501-3103 or through email at help.desk@ctcd.edu for help with password retrieval and additional login assistance.

Which browsers can I use to access my EagleMail account?
For more information on supported web browsers, see the Google Support Site.

How do I view attachments?
You can view attachments in several ways. For more information, see the Google Support Site.

How do I share documents?
To share a document with another CTC student or faculty member, click Share in the upper-right corner and type in the email address of the student or faculty member you wish to collaborate with in the Invite Collaborators text box.

For more information on sharing documents, see Google Support Site.