Program not available to new students. Deactivated August 2022.

We are on the threshold of a communications revolution. The number of channels of information which can be delivered to people around the world is increasing at a staggering rate. The Communication and Media Technology program at Central Texas College prepares students to be the innovators and creative leaders for this growing communications future. Hands-on, practical and comprehensive, the program trains students for a variety of broadcasting fields-present and future.

Programs of study: Central Texas College offers several degree and certificate of completion options for students who wish to pursue a career in radio and television broadcasting or other forms of media production.

The program at Central Texas College stresses hands-on learning in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and working within the college's television station KNCT-TV and audio studio. Students participate in local productions and may apply for paid employment opportunities as student staff of the stations.

The department faculty are individuals who have extensive professional experience in broadcasting and production. Drawing from their many years of experience in the field, instructors guide students through the development and refinement of their individual talents.