Program Objectives:

This program is designed for individuals interested in beginning a career in the field of homeland security and emergency management and additionally for those currently in an emergency response profession seeking to update or broaden their skills. The Associate of Applied Science degree and certificates will prepare students for real-world decision making and problem-solving skills which will allow them to be valuable assets to any organization they serve.  Courses focus on educating students on how to implement and coordinate resources necessary for preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery from disasters and threats to our nation's security.

Growth Potential:

People who work in the homeland security and emergency management fields prepare for, prevent and react to everything from pandemics, hurricanes and terrorism.  These professionals help reduce our nation's vulnerabilities and minimize the damage from natural and man-made events.  Many homeland security jobs are with federal, state and local governments.  There are also many opportunities in private companies and nonprofit organizations as well.

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Homeland Security and Emergency Management (AAS)
60 credit hours, two years full time
 Other U.S. locations (Fort Gregg-Adams, Fort Johnson,
Fort Novosel)
Homeland Security and Emergency Management (CC)
32 credit hours, one year full time
 Other U.S. locations (Fort Gregg-Adams)
Emergency Management (CC)
16 credit hours, one semester full time
Homeland Security (CC)
18 credit hours, one semester full time
Course Descriptions


  • This program is offered 100% Online;
  • 3 Certificates of Completion can be obtained at the same time that you are pursuing your AAS degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management;
  • There are no textbooks required for purchase for any of our online EMAP and HMSY courses;
  • All online EMAP and HMSY courses are only 8 weeks in length;
  • We do not offer any self-paced online EMAP or HMSY courses.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about CTC's Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program, please call Dr. Raymond Stephens, Program Coordinator, at 972-510-8446 or send him an email to:

ATTENTION PLEASE:  Beginning August 2023, HMSY 1371 Counter Terrorism will no longer be offered.  Instead, HMSY 2306 Organized Crime and Terrorism will be offered.  If you are on a degree plan that requires HMSY 1371, please contact Dr. Raymond Stephens via email at to let him know that you need a course substitution form submitted for HMSY 1371 or contact Eagles on Call at and let them know that you wish to switch to the 2024 degree plan showing HMSY 2306 as a required course.