The Paralegal/Legal Assistant two-year program is designed for students seeking employment as paralegals.  A paralegal (also known as a legal assistant or legal clerk) is a professional who, by training and experience, is qualified to perform legal functions under the direction and supervision of an attorney, court or military command.  This curriculum also serves students who are exploring their interest in law-related careers, including as lawyers.

Our two-year, 60-credit hour program culminates in an Associates of Applied Science degree (which can be completed in much less time, depending on whether the student goes year-round, is able to take both daytime/evening classes and has already completed any general studies classes).

In addition to our full two-year program, we now offer a one-year "job starter" certificate.  Our one-year, 30-credit hour program culminates in a Paralegal Certificate.

Students may begin the Paralegal programs in any of the three semesters offered during the year. Each semester, one or more classes are offered online.

The legal field is desperate for properly trained, intelligent and enthusiastic persons of the highest ethical caliber. Studies on the national and state level continue to indicate the great employment potential. CTC's Paralegal/Legal Assistant programs equip its students to gain employment in federal, state, military and private sector law departments - even to go on to law school some day.

Pre-Law Students - This program is also your ideal choice if you have aspirations of attending law school some day.  Virtually all of our courses are scaled down versions of the same courses you will be required to take in law school and are taught by graduates of law school.  No other program in Central Texas can say that.

Through the cooperation of the legal community, a paralegal internship is available to students as a "capstone" option.  Students may work in public legal agencies and private law firms.  The students coordinate with a faculty member to discuss their placement and receive practical and intensive supervised paralegal experience through their internship.

Our program not only teaches the legal basics, but integrates theory with actual practice.  Students are introduced to the latest technology used by law firms in the areas of case and litigation management, time keeping and billing systems, and document assembly systems.

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Paralegal/Legal Assistant (AAS)
60 credit hours, four semesters full time
 Central Campus Day
 Other U.S. locations (Fort Gregg-Adams, Fort Johnson)
Paralegal/Legal Assistant (CC) 30 credit hours, two semesters full time  Central Campus Day
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