English as a Second/Foreign Language


Central Texas College offers a series of English courses for students who are not native English speakers. There are three levels of courses offered.


$200 + $65 for books

A minimum of 10 students is required per course.

Couse Descriptions

EFL I: Basic level 1 and 2

The basic level is for students who have never studied English before or have a limited knowledge of the language. Each level consists of 40 hours of instruction and the same texts are used for both Basic 1 and Basic 2 courses. Students are introduced to the verb to be, the present simple, past simple and present continuous. The basic level ends with the introduction of the future (going to) and present perfect simple tense.

EFL II: Intermediate 1 and 2

The intermediate levels build on the foundations focused upon in the basic levels. It is presumed the students are able to manipulate language forms and have, by now, developed limited receptive skills. Basic verb tenses are reviewed in addition to the introduction of the past continuous tense, the present perfect continuous and the past perfect tense. Question formation is addressed, as well as comparing and contrasting of the present simple and present continuous tenses – forms that are often confused.

EFL III: Advanced 1 and 2

The advanced levels continue with verb tense review and students are exposed to larger areas of language such as auxiliary verbs, modal verbs and the perfect aspect. Activities that strengthen students’ language skills are introduced through discussion activities, listening, reading and extensive writing. Both fluency and accuracy are given equal attention at the advanced level.

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