Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the Gateway to Italian classes grant college credit?
A. No, the classes do not grant any college credit.

Q. What is the refund policy for the Gateway to Italian classes?
A. You can obtain a 100 percent refund if you notify the Central Texas College Foreign Language department before the second class meeting or for the noon-time classes, before the third class meeting.

Q. Will the classes observe U.S. or Italian holidays?
A. Classes will observe US holidays and the classes will be made up during the term based on student consensus.

Q. How do I register for the Gateway to Italian classes?
A. You can register at the Central Texas College field representative office.

Q. Can I use military Tuition Assistance to pay for the Gateway to Italian classes?
A. No, military Tuition Assistance cannot be used.

Q. Are minors allowed in class during the Gateway to Italian lessons?
A. Minors who are 10 years or older are occasionally allowed in class, if accompanied and supervised by and adult, and only after obtaining the instructor approval.

Q. What is the attendance policy for the Gateway to Italian classes?
A. Attendance is highly recommended for students to experience the full benefits of the language training. Classes missed by the students will not be made up. If the instructor must cancel class for personal reasons, a make-up class, at the time and date convenient for all, will be scheduled to complete the required 40 hours of instruction.

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