The main objective of the CTC Gateway to Italian/Spanish language program is to foster good relations between international staff assigned to the Italian/Spanish sites and the local community as well as offer quality language instruction at a reasonable cost. All faculty members are highly qualified and very experienced in teaching multicultural groups. Courses are tailored to meet specific needs in addition to individual fluency objectives. The Italian/Spanish program is divided into seven levels of study.


A minimum of 10 students is required per course.

Course Costs

  • $250 + $35/$50 for Italian books
  • $250 + $40 for Spanish books 

Tutoring Costs

  • $40 per hour

Payment Method

  • Credit Card (Only)


Gateway Italian/Spanish Level I:   This basic level course is designed for survival Italian/Spanish and is focused on the ability to communicate by speaking and understanding words, phrases and sentences that are used in common everyday situations.  The grammatical structure is primarily concerned with teaching the present tense (although phrases that are taught will include more complex grammatical structures) the definite article, and the gender of nouns and verbs. In addition to the organization of sentences and the placement of verbs and adjectives, an introduction is given to simple past and future tenses.


Gateway Italian/Spanish Level II:  This second level course expands the students’ ability to speak and understand the spoken, as well as, introducing the practice of reading and writing on a very simple level.  The grammatical structure is now expanded to include double negatives and past and future tenses.  In addition, students will expand their knowledge of additional verbs and vocabulary through expressions normally used in general conversation.


Gateway Italian/Spanish III:  The third level is conducted almost exclusively in Italian/Spanish and the grammar structures studied include the compound past tense, the present perfect tense, reflexive verbs, the imperfect tense and direct object pronouns.  Additional reading and writing exercises are included, in addition to the continual learning of the most commonly used verbs through the expansion of the students’ vocabulary and ability to more precisely communicate their ideas and ask questions.


Gateway Italian/Spanish IV:   The fourth level continues to build on level III, but adds some reading and discussion of current events through newspaper and magazine articles.  The continuation of writing exercises are at a slightly higher level of difficulty and a better understanding of the nuances and complexities of the grammar is achieved through the use of indirect object pronouns, the conditional tense, comparatives, imperatives and compound object pronouns.


Gateway Italian/Spanish V:  This class includes discussions in Italian/Spanish and assumes that students want to practice their language skills with correction by an instructor, as well as the continual exploration of grammar tools to include relative pronouns and the subjunctive tense.


Gateway Italian/Spanish VI:  In this more advanced level of instruction, students continue their exploration of the  language and grammar by acquiring a better understanding of the use of  direct and indirect discourse, active and passive forms, as well as practicing subjunctive and conditional forms in “if” clauses.


Gateway Italian/Spanish VII: This advanced level course will emphasize all notions taught in previous levels by focusing on dialogue and conversation. Students will be challenged to speak and converse with one another so as to develop a colloquial fluidity with the language.



Central Texas College normally offers five terms each academic year for its Gateway to Italian language program. The 40-hour classes are offered either in the mornings, during lunch breaks or evenings. College credit is not granted for these classes nor can military Tuition Assistance be used.

Course Dates will vary depending on Site/Times - See Flyers or check with your local CTC Field Representative. All dates are subject to change without notice.


Gateway to Italian - Via Sigonella

Term IV 2023 - Gateway to Italian Sigonella (PDF flyer)

  • Gateway to Italian I (Mon/Wed) 17:00-19:30
  • Gateway to Italian II (Tues/Thurs) 17:00-19:30
  • Gateway to Italian III (Tues/Thurs) 17:00-19:30

Sigonella - NAS1 - Bldg  318 

  • Gateway to Italian I (Mon/Wed) 16:300-19:00
  • Gateway to Italian II (Tues/Thurs) 16:30-19:00
  • Gateway to Italian III (Tues/Thurs) 16:30-19:00

Gateway to Italian - Via Naples

Term IV  2023 - Naples (PDF flyer)

  • Gateway to Italian I (Tues/Thurs) 17:00-19:30
  • Gateway to Italian II (Tues/Thurs) 17:00-19:30
  • Gateway to Italian II (Mon/Wed) 17:00-19:30
  • Gateway to Italian III (Mon/Wed) 17:30-20:00
  • Gateway to Italian IV (Tues/Thurs 17:30-20:00

Naples - Nato JFC - 09:00-11:30 

  • Gateway to Italian I (Tues/Thurs)
  • Gateway to Italian II (Mon/Wed) 
  • Gateway to Italian III (Tues/Thurs)

Naples - Nato JFC - 17:00-19:30 

  • Gateway to Italian I (Mon/Wed)
  • Gateway to Italian II (Mon/Wed)

Naples - Gricignano - 18:00-20:30 

  • Gateway to Italian I (Mon/Wed)
  • Gateway to Italian II (Mon/Wed)

Naples - Capodichino - 17:00-1930

  • Gateway to Italian I (Tues/Thurs)
  • Gateway to Italian II (Mon/Wed)
  • Gateway to Italian II (Tues/Thurs)
  • Gateway to Italian VI (Tues/Thurs)

Gateway to Spanish - Via Rota

Term IV 2023 - Gateway to Spanish (PDF flyer)

  • Gateway to Spanish I or II (Tues/Thurs), 09:00-11:30
  • Gateway to Spanish I. II, or III (Mon-Thurs), 11:30-12:45 
  • Gateway to Spanish I, III or V (Mon/Wed), 18:00-20:30
  • Gateway to Spanish II, IV or VI (Tues/Thurs), 18:00-20:30

Rota, Spain

  • Gateway to Spanish I or II (Tues/Thurs), 09:00-11:30
  • Gateway to Spanish I. II, or III (Mon-Thurs), 11:30-12:45 
  • Gateway to Spanish I, III or V (Mon/Wed), 18:00-20:30
  • Gateway to Spanish II, IV or VI (Tues/Thurs), 18:00-20:30



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