Criminal Justice

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The Criminal Justice Program:

The Criminal Justice program covers a wide range of core courses designed to give students a foundation in the American criminal justice system. Courses range from 'hands-on' courses such as criminal investigation, legal aspects of law enforcement and ethics in criminal justice. There are also two criminal justice elective courses which allow students to tailor degree plans to their own specific needs.

In addition to classroom classes which are offered each term at Education Centers throughout Europe, CTC  offers criminal justice courses online. Click here to access the online course schedule.

CTC Europe's Criminal Justice program may help prepare you for a career in an enforcement or investigative field (e.g., police work at the local, county, state or federal level or in the military) as a corrections officer or in the U.S. Customs Service (e.g., as a Border Patrol agent or CBP officer or agent) or for the Department of Homeland Security. 

Opportunities for Criminal Justice graduates:

  • Alexander Lopez: "The degree makes it easier to apply and be recruited into a police academy of the student's choice. In my many years of experience, I have seen again and again a two-year degree in law enforcement provides graduates with great opportunities nationwide to work in the field - even to return to their hometown to work in law enforcement field."

During his 20-plus years in the U.S. Army, Lopez has had the opportunity to serve as a military police officer, military police investigator and CID agent.

  • Gail Ingram: "The career opportunities for personnel who are either separating or retiring from the military with a degree in criminal justice are phenomenal. In addition to having a degree, a high-level security clearance with military/law enforcement background will make individuals even more marketable.".
  • Ingram is currently a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. She has been stationed in Washington, D.C., Germany and Hawaii, and has been an agent for six years. She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and master's degree in educational leadership from Troy State University.

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Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

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