Many courses require special CD-ROM materials and access codes that can only be purchased through the CTC Bookstore or MBS, our international book supplier. Use the following tool to determine if your course requires a 'package' or 'bundle' to ensure you are properly prepared.

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Technical requirements (computer hardware and software)

Financial Aid Bookstore Charging
Funds may be available to purchase books 10 days before your class starts.

  • Bookstore charging may only be processed through the official CTC Bookstore on Central Campus or online at

Notification: All CTC credit students worldwide receive a CTC EagleMail student email account following their initial class registration. Accounts will automatically be created and you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your account within seven days after class registration.

*After the initial class registration, all official electronic communication from the Financial Aid department will be sent to your EagleMail account.