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All CTC credit students worldwide receive a CTC student email account following their initial class registration. Accounts are automatically created and you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your account within two days after class registration.

All official electronic communication from CTC will be sent to this new email account!

Don’t want ANOTHER email account? No problem, you can forward your student email to any personal account!

Account Creation and Activation

Student email accounts will be automatically created for students after they register for classes. This email is a permanent, free student email address.

Students will receive an activation email within three business days of account creation with instructions for accessing CTC EagleMail. 

The format for CTC EagleMail addresses is As duplicate usernames occur, a sequential number will be assigned such as

For example, the first student named John Doe's email will be If a second student named John Doe registers later, his email will be 

An activation email will go to the email address you have on file with CTC as your "primary" email.