This is a list showing when some of our low-density courses will be offered.

Note:  This projection is not a guarantee.  Also:  Courses are subject to cancellation based on enrollment and availability of qualified faculty.

Courses Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Summer 2019 Fall 2019
Course List
ITNW1316 Yes Yes ?? ??
ITNW1345 Yes No No ??
ITNW1353 No No No ??
ITNW1358 Yes Yes ?? ??
ITNW1451 Yes No No  
ITNW1454 Yes DL No  
ITNW2354 No DL No  
ITNW2356 No DL No  
ITSC2435 DL No No  
ITSC2439 No Yes No  
ITSE1302  Take COSC1336, an acceptable alternative
ITSE1329  Take COSC1315, an acceptable alternative
ITSE2402 No Yes No ??
ITSE2421 No LEC No ??
ITSE2459 No LEC No ??
ITSW1307 No Yes No ??
ITSY2401 Yes Sat ?? ??
ITSY2441 DL Yes ?? ??
ITSY2442 DL Sat ?? ??
ITSY2459 No Yes No  
CETT1303 Lec/DL     ??
CETT1305   Lecture    
CETT1321 Lec     ??
CETT1325 Lec/DL DL ?? ??
CETT1331   Lec    
CETT1429 Lec Lec    
CETT1449   Lec    
CPMT1303  Take COSC1301, an acceptable alternative
CPMT1345  Take ITSC1325, an acceptable alternative
CPMT1449  Take ITNW1358 or ITCC1414 instead
ELMT2435   Yes, if needed