The hospitality field is the world's largest employer and the third largest employer in the state of Texas. Nine out of 10 high school or college students in the United States will be employed in the hospitality field at least once in their lives.

The hospitality field is a fast-paced career. Talented and dedicated employees can move up quickly into supervisory positions in a matter of months.

Both junior and senior high school students that attend Killeen or Copperas Cove independent school districts have the unique opportunity to excel by enrolling in the Central Texas College Hospitality program's dual credit program.

Once enrolled, the students will have the opportunity to earn as many as 20 college credits toward a degree in the hospitality field while attending high school. By high school graduation, a student will have had the opportunity to earn approximately one-third of his or her college degree at no cost. The student will also receive free transportation to and from the college, free use of textbooks and a chef's jacket.

For more information on the program,
contact your high school counselor, e-mail the
program director at,
or phone 254-526-1539.