Newsflash***Upcoming Pre-Nursing Information Session will be Feb 11th and 25th, 2019

0900 - 1130 am  Bldg 155 Room A130***

             You must submit your application for either ADN or VN or or Articulating LVN-Para 


Application via Etrieve Portal:

Under forms look for ADN-RN Application or Vocational Nursing Application or or Articulating LVN-Para Application

Apply prior to Feb 1st - we will send you an invite to the Pre-Nursing Session upon your application submission

Please read the check list and the informational packet completely for additional mandatory program entry requirements.  You must meet all immunization requirements prior to admission.

Remember we offer an evening/weekend option for Fall 2019 VN students: Evening/Weekend VN Program Opportunity


Department of Nursing and Allied Health Mission Statement

The Department of Nursing and Allied Health provides quality nursing education to the global and local community through an accessible learning environment.


**Please remember to complete your TSI and HESI A2 early. (must be completed the week prior to the Eligibility Deadline - see below).  Please do not wait to the last minute.  Taking care of mandatory exams will prevent any delays for departments to update your information into the system and for our department to retrieve your grades.

         You must have mandatory immunizations completed prior to entry into the program     especially the Hep B series (all 3 must be completed). 

All the requirements MUST be completed two weeks prior to the eligibility deadline (TSI Approval; HESI A2; ESL Letter; Transcript submission and Approved evaluation of Transfer credits for the semester in which you intend to enroll), for your application to be considered. **

                Eligibility Deadlines:

  • April 1st for fall admission  (ADN & VN Programs)

  • September 1st for spring admission (ADN & VN Programs)

  • November 1st for spring admission (Articulation - LVN/Paramedic to RN Program) - review checklist all prereqs must be completed.

  • **Please keep the Department of Nursing and Allied Health informed of name, address, and phone number changes in writing so that you may be contacted as needed. Failure to notify us could result in a delay or hindrance in your entry to the program and possible withdrawal. **

***If applicant decides not to accept admission for the semester selected, a letter of intent must be emailed or letter of intent submitted in person to the ADN or VN clerical staff, respectively, otherwise your application will not be kept for further consideration.***

Nursing Application: Complete the application through the e-Forms portal. Applications are listed under the “ST Nursing-EMS” category. Please fill out the application that pertains to the program for which you are applying.

Questions? Email:

The Department of Nursing/Allied Health is open Monday - Thursday from7:45 a.m.-5:15 p.m. and Friday 7:45 a.m.-11:15 a.m.  Bldg 155 : Maps-Directions/

Telephone numbers are:

ADN (RN):(254) 526-1890; VN:(254) 526-1266; EMT:(254)526-1265; Administrative Assistant: (254) 526-1150/ or 1 (800) 792-3348, extension 1890, 1266, 1265, or 1150. FAX: 254-526-1765

Department of Nursing and Allied Health Course Descriptions:  HPRS | RNSG | VNSG

Associate Degree Nurse - ADN
Nursing Option for
Articulating Student
(LVN/Paramedic to RN)
Vocational Nurse
ADN Degree (AAS)
Nursing-Prospective ADN Student (CC)
ADN/VN Student Handbook
ADN Program Outcomes Stats
Nursing Option for Articulating Student (AAS)
Nursing-Prospective Articulating Student (CC)
New Evening/Weekend VN Program Opportunity
Vocational Nurse (CC)
ADN/VN Student Handbook
VN Program Outcomes Stats
Click the box below for the ADN Informational Packet

ADN Information Packet

Click the box below for the Articulation Informational Packet

Articulation Information Packet

Click the box below for the VN Informational Packet

VN Information Packet

ADN HESI A2 Information Sheet
ADN HESI A2 Information Sheet
VN HESI A2 Information Sheet
Articulation Transfer Checklist
Articulating Work Verification Form

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