Central Texas College


Copyright on Campus, a short video from Copyright Clearance Center explains copyright for faculty on a college campus.

Faculty – please refer to CTC HR Policy 280, Copyright and Publications, before submitting work for publication.

Fair Use for Educators Presentation


  • Copyright resources
    • Fair Use Checklists - Cornell University offers a checklist for students and faculty be sure they are following the “Fair Use” policy for the copyright laws. The American Library Association also has a Fair Use Evaluator that can be filled out online if you do not wish to print one.
    • Is it copyright protected? - The ALA has a tool which will help faculty and students determine whether or not a work is still under copyright protection.
      • The Copyright Clearance Center has articles, videos and other resources about copyright issues.
      • The U.S. Government has several resources relating to copyright. All of the laws relating to copyright can be found on this site as well as a section on how to register a copyright.
      • The University of Texas (UT) has a "crash course" in copyright which is very helpful for anyone with questions. There is a tutorial, a four-factor test for the Fair Use Policy and information about getting permission when you discover the work you want to use is copyrighted.
  • Free content
    • Creative Commons - Creative Commons "develops, supports and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing and innovation." Learn how to license content and how to access licensed content. Access images from Flickr.
    • Critical Commons - a public media archive and fair use advocacy network that supports the transformative re-use of media in scholarly and creative contexts. Find video clips, lectures and articles for use in the classroom.

For more information about copyright policies on the CTC campus, please e-mail a Reference Librarian, phone 254-526-1871 or visit us and speak with a librarian.