Central Texas College

Research Guides


The following video tutorials will help with your research:

  • Video | Transcript - Writing a Research Paper - provides steps to help you start your research
  • VideoTranscript - Evaluating Sources - provides important steps to take to evaluate whether or not a book, journal article, film or other information source is appropriate for your research
  • Video | Transcript - Database vs. Internet Sources - explains benefits of using databases for academic research over using websites
  • Video | Transcript - Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines - explains differences between scholarly journals and popular magazines
  • Video | Transcript - How to Avoid Plagiarism - gives examples of plagiarism and how to correctly cite sources in a research assignment
  • Video | Transcript - Boolean Searching - provides advanced searching techniques
  • Video | Transcript - Primary and Secondary Sources - explains what a primary source and a secondary source are; includes a note on the definition of literary criticism