Central Texas College

Library Staff

If you need help or have questions, please e-mail ReferenceRequest@ctcd.edu or call 254-526-1621


Deba Swan, Dean of Library Services     Ph. 526-1475   e-mail: deborah.swan@ctcd.edu

Martha Tipton, Administrative Assistant     Ph. 526-1474   e-mail: martha.tipton@ctcd.edu

Public Services

Ashley Garcia, Systems Librarian   Ph. 616-3310   e-mail: AGarcia2@ctcd.edu

Kelly Williams, Public Services Coordinator  Ph.616-3307   e-mail: kelly.williams@ctcd.edu

Karen Strawn, Public Services Associate      Ph. 501-3073    e-mail: karen.strawn@ctcd.edu

OPEN, Public Services Associate

Academic Librarians

Laura Gregory, Part-time Academic Librarian     Ph. 526-1237   e-mail: laura.gregory@ctcd.edu

Margaret Handrow, Part-time Academic Librarian     Ph. 526-1237   e-mail: margaret.handrow@ctcd.edu

Robert Huttmeyer, Academic Librarian - Outreach     Ph. 501-3058   e-mail: robert.huttmeyer@ctcd.edu

Ina Kelley, Academic Librarian - Reference     Ph. 526-1483   e-mail: ina.kelley@ctcd.edu

Rachel Valentine, Academic Librarian - Virtual Services     Ph.526-1619   e-mail: rachel.valentine@ctcd.edu

Technical Services

Lori Purser, Technical Services Academic Librarian     Ph. 526-1486   e-mail: lori.purser@ctcd.edu

Kumi Bonner, Serials/Tech. Services Clerk     Ph. 526-1468   e-mail. kumi.bonner@ctcd.edu

Diana Howell, Technical Services Clerk    Ph. 526-1618    e-mail: diana.howell@ctcd.edu

Dennis Wilson, Part-time Technical Services Clerk     Ph. 526-1676