Broad career choices are available within business including jobs requiring the use of technology. Job duties, work settings, training, salaries and required skills are quite diverse.


The Business Management Accounting Technician certificate program provides students the workforce skills to perform the accounting and other necessary office management functions for small and mid-sized companies or fill bookkeeping and accounting clerical positions as members of larger office staffs.

Agricultural Science

A degree in agriculture offers you a wide mix of technical skills and knowledge including land use, farm and livestock practices and animal husbandry, as well as an understanding of the scientific, ethical and business principles in the agricultural industry.


The Central Texas College Aviation Science department utilizes 14 aircraft and three flight training devices to help students achieve their goals in aviation.  The Aviation department averages 80 -100 active students in the flight program.


Central Texas College offers a thorough background in the fields of business and management. The varied areas of study encountered while pursuing a business degree from CTC include accounting, economics and management. Students will gain a well rounded skill set that will benefit them professionally and personally throughout their careers.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Culinary and hospitality programs at Central Texas College introduce students to the many careers and opportunities available in the hospitality field. Students receive instructional and hands-on training to prepare them for a variety of career options. Whether the student is new to the industry or a seasoned practitioner, we can help prepare them for the next step in their career.


Controlling access to data is a high priority in today's business world. The increase of identity theft, computer fraud and loss of company secrets has created a high demand for information security professionals.

Graphics and Printing

Graphic designers have a passion for communicating with others through powerful, compelling images. Graphic design is something which drives advertising and attracts us to brands. That is why it is so important to our everyday lives. Graphics and printing are present everywhere. You see it in newspapers, magazines, packaging, websites, posters, books, signage etc.

Information Technology

Every large business needs people who understand the company's computer and software systems. An information technology degree prepares students as entry to mid-level IT experts who can help others get the most out of their technology.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Prepare for a career in the dynamic and growing field of Global Supply Chain Management with this Central Texas College program.  The coursework provides students with technical and managerial skills in the diverse areas of transportation, warehousing, distribution, inventory control, purchasing, importing, exporting, and international logistics.  Although designed for a general student population particular attention is paid to students with prior military logistics experience to assist them in the transition to a rewarding career in the civilian global economy.

Network Systems Administration

IT Network professionals safeguard the network, ensure traffic flows smoothly, and maintain reliability and security.  As a network professional, you can have the skills and knowledge to be valuable in any industry.  This program prepares students for industry certification exams to include CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft.

Office Technology

The Central Texas College Office Technology programs prepare students to provide administrative support in a variety of office settings across numerous industries. Students gain a well-rounded skill set including research, written and oral communication, desktop publishing, database management, keyboarding, business math and human resource management.

Real Estate

Are you seeking a career that offers the opportunity for challenge and advancement? A place where you can make a difference in the lives of others? A fast-paced ever-changing environment that rewards effort and ambition? If so, a career in real estate management may be just what you are looking for.

Truck Driving

The Central Texas College Professional Truck Driving Program is a non-credit, Continuing Education program that provides the student with personalized instruction with a curriculum designed to give the student the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in truck driving. Classroom and hands-on instruction are provided by professional, experienced, and trained instructors. The program is taught at the Central Texas College central campus in partnership with ATDS Truck Driving School of Killeen, Texas.