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In 1965, the citizens of Central Texas authorized the construction of a small community college to serve Central Texas. Today, Central Texas College has grown to more than 180 sites located around the globe. In fact, at any given moment in time more than 60,000 students attend a CTC class somewhere in the world. The opportunity to earn an associate degree in arts, science or applied science or participate in one of more than 40 different certificate programs is open to students everywhere.

We are currently in the process of reorganizing the Central Texas College Alumni and Friends Association. Click the link below to sign up for the latest news and update on the CTC Alumni and Friends Association.

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As an alumnus of Central Texas College you enjoy success in one of a wide range of professions because of the excellent education and training you received. You can be proud of your professional accomplishments and your affiliation with CTC.

The Central Texas College Alumni and Friends Association is open to any individual or group who wants to help the college achieve its goals, especially former students, graduates, current or past employees and community members.