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Student Information

Just a friendly reminder to our Students! We will moving our offices during the week of 8 Dec-12 Dec. Computers will be in boxes and we will have no access to student accounts during this week!

If you need to know what classes you are needing to sign up for, please don't wait to come in and get this information! Come see us before that week!



Getting Started in GoArmyEd!!!

Thank you for your interest in Central Texas College!


  1. GoArmyEd is a virtual gateway for Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytime for classroom and distance learning college courses. www.goarmyed.com:
  2. Create a new account by clicking on Student.
  3. Enter your SSN and DOB

  4. Retrieve your username and set up and password.

  5. You will have to complete the 6 steps for Account Activation (step 4 is selecting CTC as your home schoo)

  6. Contact the Education Center to get your account activated once the 6 steps are complete

  7. Submit all OFFICIAL transcripts from former colleges/universities and you JST to:

    Central Texas College

    ATTN: Incoming Transcripts

    PO Box 1800

    Killeen, TX 76540-1800


  • Once you have completed 2 courses and ALL OFFICIAL transcripts and your JST have been received, CTC will place you on a list to be evaluated. This is the same process EACH TME you change your degree plan.

  • You can have your JST electronically sent to CTC via:

  • Your student agreement (SOCAD) will be issued once your JST and transcripts have been evaluated.This process usually takes around 6-8 weeks to complete.