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Student Success & Persistence

Student Success & Persistence

Student Success & Persistence (SSP) is a collaboration of departments and services that work in unison to support the college mission of providing students with an accessible education that promotes student success and employability.

The departments that make up Student Success & Persistence share a mission that is powered by strategic and purposeful objectives that focus on student-centered services, activities and programming; grants and support funding initiatives; academic advising and supplemental instructional support; student access and accommodations; career development; departmental and campus-wide collaboration, and data-driven research and student needs assessments.

Together the Academic Studio - Student Success Center, Disability Support Services, Career Center and Retention Services  departments assist students in completing their educational goals and ensure unencumbered access to the many resources provided by the college. These departments are united in the effort to provide holistic instructional support and service related programs and services that address student needs both within and outside of the classroom.

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