Central Texas College

Retention Services (Faculty / Staff)

Student Retention = Student Success 

To assist faculty and staff in their efforts to effectively support and fulfill the Central Texas College mission and purpose, Student Success & Persistence (SSP) utilizes a number of student retention tools and persistence software solutions. These innovative and data-driven products and practices help CTC leverage available technology, support faculty best practices and provide students with the quality support needed to complete their educational goals and reach the heights of student success.


Review the brief descriptions below or explore the links for more information, instructions, data and details.


Hobsons RETAIN Communications

Hobsons RETAIN is a communications relationship management (CRM) tool that helps higher education institutions improve graduation rates by opening up the lines of communication with enrolled students. With Retain, the SSP department identifies and sends targeted communications to students to inform them about activities, events, programming, resources and services available to assist them with academic success and degree completion. SSP also searches for patterns that develop within these retention communications so faculty, staff and service-related departments can make adjustments, identify student needs and utilize the feedback data to develop training, acquire resources and improve services. In addition to informational communications, SSP also utilizes RETAIN as an assessment tool to develop and distribute surveys to students, faculty and staff in an effort to more accurately identify trends, assess needs and bring the institution closer to achieving its mission.

Early (Success) Alerts

Early Alert is another Hobsons solutions product that helps SSP and CTC faculty bridge the success gap and impact student success in a positive way. Early Alerts are automated, survey-styled communications that gather information and allow faculty to reach out and support students in need of assistance early in the semester. This proactive and preventative measure is aimed at to identify diverse students in need of support, including those who are less receptive to support interventions and the email provides students with the opportunity to seek assistance, utilize resources, engage in services and stay on the path to success.

Faculty Advising (Quality Enhancement Plan - QEP)

Click here to learn more about Faculty Advising at CTC and how you can participate.

AdvisorTrac, TutorTrac, LabTrac and SurveyTrac

AdvisorTrac is being used by the faculty for the QEP, FAST initiative. This software tracks the faculty and student interactions and faculty are encouraged to leave notes per visit, providing a comprehensive advising session.

TutorTrac is used in the Academic Studio, Disability Support Services, Career Center, and Testing Center. TutorTrac logs all visits to the centers utilizing the software and provides detail on the student needs. For example, when students visit the Academic Studio for tutoring, we can run a report showing what classes are highest in demand for tutoring, then staff accordingly. Tutors are required to leave notes per tutoring session to provide a comprehensive examination of the student.

LabTrac is used in the Industrial Technology department for 5 labs, the Office Technology department, and various Developmental labs across campus. Students log their time in the labs using a Kiosk making the student accountable for their time spent in the labs. In addition, reports are provided by support staff to the faculty members to ensure the students are meeting their lab hour requirements.

SurveyTrac is built into all the systems listed above. SurveyTrac not only hosts FAST digital forms, it is used for assessments, customer service feedback, and trend tracking.

To learn more about the use of AdvisorTrac and TutorTrac at CTC, click here.