Central Texas College Europe maintains a small but growing lending library of books and multi-media educational material that both students and faculty may borrow. To order items, please contact the CTC Europe librarian. Suggestions from faculty for new material are welcome.

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Miscellaneous Library Resources

DVD & CD Format


CD - more than 500 Leadership Training Files

Nat. Inst. Of Ethics.


100 years of Terror

The History Channel


32 Ethical Dilemma Training Segments - Greed & Peer Pressure Dilemmas and Anger & Lust Dilemmas

Nat. Institute of Ethics


Battered Women under Siege

Battered Women: Fighting Back

Humanities & Science


Binder User's Guide to TE

Bullied, Battered & Bruised

Humanities & Science



Cambridge Education



Constitutional Law - The Patriot Act

Crime & Evidence in Action

Thomson. ISBN 9780534615314


Deadly Trade - The Global Traffic in Counterfeit Drugs

Dream World - Desire, sex & power in Music Video



History of the U. S. Constitution

Ambrose DVD


Inside Islam

Inside the FBI

The History Channel


Investigative Reports

The History Channel


It's the Law

Cambridge Education


LAPD - Peter Jenning Reporting (2004)

Locked Up - Getting Out

Discovery Channel


Locked Up - Settling in

Discovery Channel


Manager's Hot Seat

McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780073215266


Order in the Court

Prisoner's of Age

Humanities & Science



The History Channel


Standard Operating Procedure - The Scandal of a coverup

ISBN 1435918371


Straight Talk about alcohol & other drugs



Straight Talk about drugs



Straight Talk about drugs - discussion guide

Attainment. ISBN 934731233


Substance Abuse and Addiction

Humanities & Sciences


Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation

The Addictive Personality

The Broken Child



The Century of Warfare

The History Channel


The Experiment - exploring the Psychology of Groups and Power



The New Face of Crime


The Truth about Violence - BBC

Humanities & Science


Trial by Jury

Cambridge Education


Whatever Happened to Privacy?

ABC News


VHS Format


ABC News - Help Me! I can't help myself

Binge Drinking

CNN Today: Corrections Volume 4

CNN Today: Corrections Volume 5

Consumer Seduction from Romance to Reality

Democracy in America 2 - The Constitution: Fixed or Flexible

The Truth about Alcohol

Who moved my cheese? Audio cassette

Reference Textbooks


A Farewell to Arms

Schribner. ISBN 684801469


America as Empire

Berrett-Koehler. ISBN 9781576752814


American Military History

Pearson. Prentice Hall. ISBN 9780131838758


Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts

Corwin. ISBN 9781412977470


Communicate! 11th

Thomson. ISBN 9780534639365


Culture & Conflict in the Middle East

Humanity Books. ISBN 9781591025870


Foundations in the Law: Classic Cases in Medical Ethics

US Army - Baylor Press. ISBN ADA459875


Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd

Longman. ISBN 9780130136466


IR CD to accompany Administrative Office Management, 13th



Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turmenistan, and Uzbekistan - country studies - area handbook series

Library of Congress. ISBN 844409383


Literature-Craft & Voice, volume 1:Fiction

McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780073104447


Literature-Craft & Voice, volume 2:Poetry

McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780077214241


Literature-Craft & Voice, volume 3:Drama

McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780077214227


Moral Leadership

Jossey-Bass. ISBN 9780787982829


On War - Carl von Clausenwitz

Oxford. ISBN 9780192807168


Technical Systems, 5th

Harper Collins. ISBN 9780060452049


The American Nation - CTC

Pearson. ISBN 9780536647283


The Art of War = Sun Tzu

Shambhala. ISBN 9781590302255


the Art of War = Sun Tzu - special edition

El Paso Norte. ISBN 9780192807168


The First Time Trainer

AMACOM. ISBN 9780814479421


The Middle East, 6th

McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780072442335


The Power of Ethical Management

Wm. Morrow. ISBN 9780688070625



Ch. Beranger. ISBN x


Web 2.0 Concepts & Applications

Cengage. ISBN 9781439048023


Webster's New World Dictionary, third college edition

Webster. ISBN 139471693


Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

Merriam-Webster. ISBN 877795096


Write from the Heart

Writing from Sources, 7th

Bedford/ St. Martin's. ISBN 9780312437978


Your Career - How to make it happen

SouthWest. ISBN 9780538730990

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