Fort Hood 2'FER


2'FER's Offered:

ENGL 1301-Composition I and HIST 1301-United States History I

ENGL 1302-Composition II and HIST 1302-United States History II

POC for Class Questions:

Dr. Eric Hazell-(254)


GOVT 2305-Federal Government and GOVT 2306-Texas Government

POC for Class Questions:

Dr. Leighann Temple-(254)

Go Army Ed:

Military students interested in the Fort Hood 2'FER will need to sign up for both courses listed below through the portal. If a student requests enrollment for only one of the courses, you should receive a rejection email through the Go Army Ed portal. 

**One of the courses you register for will have an earlier start time (0530-0630) listed in order for your registration not to be rejected. Please review the additional comments which will provide the actual meeting times for the course. 


Family Members and Civilians:

The Central Texas College registration system (Web Advisor) will not allow students to register for only one course.

POC for Registration Process:

Eva Garcia or Connie Williamson-(254)