Tuition rates:  As of January1, 2017.

Course Location

Tuition Rate per Semester Hour

3 SH

4 SH

Tuition Rates per Semester Hour

Effective 8.1.17

Effective 8.1.17


Effective 8.1.17


Fort Benning classes:




$200 $600 $800

Distance Learning for  non-TX residents         






$235 $705 $940

TX Residents           (Active Duty)




$90 $270 $360

TX residents- Out of District

$103 $309 $412 $113 $339 $452

The tuition refund policy of Central Texas College for students using Title IV or DOD funds meets the requirements of federal agencies.  Out-of-state refund policies will be applied if valid and requested.

For Georgia students, refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of a program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the program unless the Georgia students are attending under a federally funded contract, MOU, or program.  In those cses, the refund schedule agreed to within those contracts, MOU's or programs will be followed instead.