Registration Checklist

  1. Admissions Application: If you are a new student or have not taken a class with CTC in the last year, you must first complete the admissions application. Active Duty must complete the admission process through GoArmyEd (GAE). Please update your common application, phone, email, and address through GAE.


  1. Consult the schedule to choose your classes: Please see the online course schedule. Classes begin each month and you must register Thursday prior to class start date. Degree counseling available upon request. Please contact the Fort Campbell Site Director.


  1. Register for courses: Each term, you must register prior Thursday prior to class start date. You may register for classes 8 weeks in advance.

      GAE Helpful Hints:

  • Course Number  is the 4-digit number that appears after the course name (i.e. 1301, 1414, 2301).
  • Course Name  is the 4-letter pneumonic indicating the course subject (i.e. MATH, HIST, BIOL).
  • Class Section  is the 3-digit number for each course(i.e. C654).
    • Non-Texas residents must choose section C.
    • Deployed Soldiers must choose section D.
    • Texas Residents must choose section T.
  • Location Code  is the site on which the class will be held ( DL = online or self-paced)
  1. Payment is due upon registration:  You must pay for your course when you submit your registration form. You may pay for courses through WebAdvisor.


  • If you are using Financial Aid, be sure that you have completed all appropriate paperwork to receive the aid. Check WebAdvisor for award.
  • If you are using TA (Tuition Assistance), please be sure you have registered for the class through GoArmyEd. ***Even if you are on hold, register through GAE!


  1. Text Books! Understand that TA doesn’t cover the cost of textbooks. Visit the Central Texas College Bookstore for all online textbook and materials.