Veteran's Benefits


You can use your veteran's benefits for on-site as well as online classes. The two types of classes are certified separately so you may need two sets of paperwork if you're taking a combination of face-to-face and online classes. To use your VA benefits to pay for classes located at Fort Rucker you'll need to submit the following to the CTC Fort Rucker office:

  • VA Certificate of Eligibility
  • Current Program Evaluation signed by advisor
  • Veterans Enrollment Certificate (VEC) - You aare required to submit this to the CTC Fort Rucker office each term after you register for classes. Failure to do so may result in your benefits not being certified for that term and your classes being dropped.
  • Please contact the CTC Fort Rucker office with any questions about your on-site classes.

To use your benefits to pay for online classes please check with the Veteran's Benefits office for a list of required documents.

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