Central Texas College

Faculty & Staff


Darrell Ames

Instructor of: Economics

Michael Baggs

Instructor of: Western Civilization I and II

John Beckman

Instructor of: Western Civilization I and II

Matthew Benner

Instructor of: Computer Science

Ethenia Bonham

Instructor of: Psychology

Fabian Burke

Instructor of: Criminal Justice

Thomas Condry

Instructor of:                                                         History of Religion I (Old Testament)                      History of Religion II (New Testament)

Dr. Boyd Dastrup

Instructor of: U.S. History I and II

S. Bruce Detweiler

Instructor of: Music Appreciation                         Fine Arts Appreciation

David Finch

Instructor of: Computer Science                 Human Relations

Michael Gonalez

Instructor of: Business Management

Jennie Hanna

Instructor of: Developmental Integrated Reading and Writing

Kristin Heath

  Instructor of: Fundamentals of Writing II

Janna Holley

Instructor of: Introductory Algebra

Richard Little

Instructor of: Accounting                            Business Management

James Lucas

Instructor of:

Dr. Lewis Porch

Instructor of: Public Speaking                      Interpersonal Communication                                Business & Professional Communication

Jimmy Smith

Instructor of: Human Resource Management Human Relations

Brenda Spencer-Ragland

Instructor of: Public Speaking            Interpersonal Communication                     Business & Professional Communication

Arletta Stewart

Instructor of:


Edith Stillsmoking

Instructor of: College Algebra



Lisa South


Site Director

Ashley Williams

Site Registrar

Petra Jackson

Site Clerk

Chris Allison

Testing Coordinator/ Comuputer Lab Monitor Location: Harry S. Truman Education Center     Bldg. 3281