Central Texas College

Request a Transcript

General Information

Student records are confidential. Therefore, transcripts may only be provided on the student's written request. Transcripts are issued free of charge, except for Express or Priority Mail fees. Graduates are also provided a complimentary transcript upon graduation.

The transcript of college work bearing the Central Texas College seal and official signature is an "official" copy of a student's permanent academic record. In addition, transcripts issued to other institutions, government agencies (including Education Centers and Navy College offices), the student, or any other entity, will also be "official" transcripts.

Transfer credits from other colleges are not listed on the Central Texas College transcript. Students should order transcripts from other institutions attended if documentation of all college work completed is needed.

Transcript service may be denied if the student has an outstanding obligation to Central Texas College. The obligation will generate either a financial hold (a returned check, a declined credit/debit card, or non-repayment of financial aid) or an administrative hold (failure to comply with admissions requirements). Students on financial or administrative hold will not be eligible for evaluation, transcript service, or graduation until the obligation is satisfied and the hold is lifted.

Ordering Transcripts

You may order a transcript either of the following ways:

  1. Contact your local CTC PFEC representative and complete and sign the "Transcript Request" form which will then receive local pre-processing and electronic transmittal to the CTC Main Campus (CTCD) for service.
  2. Download and print the Transcript Request Form from the CTCD web site. Complete and sign the form and then mail it to Killeen, Texas, for service.

Required fees for Express or Priority Mail service must accompany your transcript request, as stated on the Transcript Request Form.

Requests can be mailed to:

Central Texas College
Attention: Outgoing Transcripts Department
P. O. Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

Requests may be faxed to (254) 526-1111.

For more information, visit the Transcript Services page on the main campus website.