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College Non-Credit Training Programs

Central Texas College PFEC, operating under PACOM contract, conducts training classes for military units.  These classes are generally requested by individual units and requested either through base education or paid for from unit training funds.

Currently our most popular areas of training are in Microcomputer Technology (particularly software applications), Applied Management (all aspects), and Language Training.  For example language training courses conducted by CTC PFEC in Okinawa are the Japanese Headstart program for the U. S. Army and language courses for Special Forces and Air Force Special Operations personnel.

The cost for these classes is per hour of instruction, regardless of the number of students enrolled in the class. There is an additional charge for computer use if the classes are conducted on Central Texas College computers and there may be additional charges for materials in some classes.

Units interested in coordinating their training needs for delivery by CTC PFEC should contact the Director or Coordinator of the region or area where they are located for program availability.  For contact information, click your location here:

Diego Garcia



Additionally, in Korea you may contact:
API/CNC - Korea
Phone:  (DSN) 723-4961/5737
E-mail:  API-CNC.kor.pfec@ctcd.edu

Mainland Japan