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Getting Started

You have already taken an important step by visiting our web site. Please take some time to browse through the information included here.

Students wishing to attend Central Texas College PFEC should visit their local Education Center or Navy Campus office to consult with the education services officer (ESO) or Navy Campus representative (NCR) about their educational goals. Education Center and Navy Campus offices provide diagnostic, aptitude and placement testing to assist students in selecting programs of study and education goals.

Once the individual has identified and chosen an appropriate degree and program of study, the admission and registration process may begin. For many of our students, the next step should be a visit to their local CTC PFEC representative. For contact information, click your location here: PFEC Locations.

General Information

Requests for application materials or specific questions concerning CTC PFEC admissions should be directed to your local CTC PFEC representative.

Central Texas College is a comprehensive community college. An open-door admissions policy is maintained to ensure all persons who may benefit from post-secondary education have the opportunity to enroll. New students will be admitted to CTC PFEC providing all admission requirements are met. Admission to CTC PFEC does not guarantee admission to specific programs and/or courses.

Individuals who have not previously earned a diploma from a regionally accredited high school or received a GED equivalency certificate are not eligible to enroll in college level course work until they have taken and successfully passed a Department of Education independently administered examination.

Prospective students who have not earned a diploma from a regionally accredited high school or obtained a high school GED are advised to visit the counselor at their local Education Center or Navy Campus office. Non-high school graduates seeking further information can also contact the Central Texas College PFEC representative at their local site or e-mail Student Services at CTC PFEC headquarters for assistance: student-svcs.pfec@pfec.ctcd.edu.

Admissions Requirements: All Students

Students who hold diplomas from regionally accredited secondary (high) schools or GED equivalency certificates may be admitted to Central Texas College PFEC. Students transferring from another regionally accredited college may be admitted if they are eligible to return to the institution last attended.

Adults, veterans and military personnel who have not completed the requirements in the preceding paragraph, but who are prepared to undertake post-high school studies, may be admitted if recommended by an education specialist after providing official test scores from a list of approved tests authorized by the Department of Education. This list may be obtained from your local Education Center or Navy Campus office.

Note: An adult, for purposes of admission, is defined as an individual 18 years of age or older.

Admissions Requirements: International Students

Non-native English speaking students (local and third country nationals whose primary language is other than English) must provide an official certificate reflecting a minimum score of 520 (paper-based), 190 (computer-based) or 68 (Internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to be considered for admission to degree-credit courses.

Overseas admissions - special note: Local ESO or NCR permission to attend classes on the military installation must be obtained before registration for any CTC PFEC course. At some locations, a non-SOFA fee is collected by the Education Center for students who do not have SOFA status. In addition, Okinawan non-SOFA students must be approved for admission by the Human Resources department of the local prefecture government.

Early Admission

Early admission offers the opportunity for high school seniors to earn college credits while concurrently enrolled in high school. Early admission is open to selected high school students, subject to the following conditions. The student must:

  • submit an Early Admission Form with the signatures of your high school principal or counselor and parent or legal guardian;
  • provide an official high school transcript showing classification as a senior; and
  • adhere to all policies of Central Texas College and the high school to include attendance and any testing requirements for regular admission to Central Texas College.

Students who meet the above criteria will be accepted at Central Texas College PFEC locations on individual approval to take one course per term.


  • Credentials must be resubmitted each term for early admission.
  • Credits earned before high school graduation may not transfer to some colleges.
  • Central Texas College assumes no responsibility for loss of Interscholastic League eligibility of high school students enrolled under this program.

Apply for Admission

The first step is to submit an application to CTC. The application is free and there are several ways to apply: Apply for Admission.