Central Texas College (CTC) recently announced current firefighters can now earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree through the school’s Fire Service Administration degree program. The program consists of classes in fire protection, business, management and emergency management and is aimed towards career firefighters seeking advancement or promotion in the field of fire service. All classes are offered online to offer flexibility and not interfere with work schedules.

Currently employed firefighters and volunteer firefighters qualify for Fire Academy tuition exemption for fire service classes in the program. “CTC is offering 12 hours of evaluated credit toward the fire science classes for students who have completed the fire academy and have actual work experience in the field,” said Jon Cella, CTC Department Chairperson – Protective Services. “This will leave these students only the core classes to finish to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree.”

The fire service courses in the program are: Fundamentals of Fire Protection (FIRT 1301), Fire Administration I (FIRT 1309), Fire Administration II (FIRT 1349), Firefighting Strategies and Tactics I (FIRT 2309), Firefighter Health and Safety (FIRT 1319) and Fire Protection Systems (FIRT 1338).

Other courses in the program are Emergency Medical Technician - basic and clinical, Managing a Unified Incident Command, Principles of Basic Emergency Management, Business and Professional Communications, Office Management, Principles of Financial Accounting, Human Relations and Business Principles.

CTC is also extending evaluated credit for those with EMT certification. Those students will only have to complete two fire science courses plus the core classes to earn their degree.

“With the tuition exemption and evaluated credit for several classes, the Fire Service Administration program is a quicker and less expensive option to attain a college degree for those with a career in firefighting,” said Cella. “With a degree in hand, it may open many more doors for promotions in fire service management.”

Anyone interested in enrolling in the CTC Fire Service Administration degree program should call the CTC Protective Services department at 254-526-1275. The CTC student application is available online at ctcd.edu.