2017-2018 FAFSA

Students will be able to submit a FAFSA earlier. Students will be able to file a 2017–2018 FAFSA as early as Oct. 1, 2016, rather than beginning on Jan. 1, 2017. The earlier submission date will be a permanent change, enabling students to complete and submit a FAFSA as early as October 1 every year.



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CLICK HERE FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014 INFORMATIONWe are processing financial aid for Academic Year  2017-2018. Click Continue for more information on financial aid. Be sure to check out the Financial Aid Insider to get the latest scoop for a successful semester!

Please contact a financial aid representative if you have questions or need assistance.

New - Student Finance Self-Service!

CTC announced a new WebAdvisor service to help students avoid standing in line at the Business Office for schedule copies or pay for classes. The new Student Finance Self-Service represents a much improved “View Account and Make A Payment” option in WebAdvisor Financial Administration. The View Account screens are much more robust and include all the information frequently requested and expected by students. Financial aid, Tuition Assistance and refund information can now be displayed along with charges per class and payment information.

Also, an account statement can now be printed which includes everything a student needs to see. Students will no longer need to wait in line at the Business Office simply to receive a copy of the “schedule” (registration statement) which has previously not been available through WebAdvisor. The Make a Payment process is much simpler to use. Students will receive a more detailed payment confirmation in addition to an emailed receipt once the payment is accepted.

Staff members can access the same ‘view’ as seen by the students, thus eliminating the need for students to get a copy of the schedule to take to our VA office or to get a student ID card made.

View instructions for accessing and using the new screens.

General Financial Aid Information:

To be eligible for federal financial aid, the U.S. Department of Education requires an individual must earn a high school diploma or recognized equivalent.

We cannot process any financial aid for you if you are not admitted to CTC. Contact Admissions to determine what you will need for enrollment. If you are currently enrolled, you have been admitted. More...

Financial Aid recipient rights and respondsibilities
As a financial aid recipient, you have rights and responsibilities. More...

Scholarship and Financial Aid deadlines
Be aware of scholarship and financial aid deadlines. More...


Military Educational Benefits, Selective Service Registration Compliance, Veteran Benefits, and Vocational Rehabilitation (Texas Campuses Only)
Information is available regarding military educational benefits, Selective Service registration compliance, veteran benefits and vocational rehabilitation (Texas campuses only). More...


Please contact a financial aid representative if you have specific questions.