Central Texas College

Work-Study Program


Authorized Work-Study Listing by Dept - Central Campus, Killeen, TX Only

The Office of Student Financial Aid staff is committed to helping students pay educational expenses through part-time employment. The Work-Study Program at CTC is intended to:

  • Instill a positive attitude toward work.
  • Teach students good work habits.
  • Provide students valuable learning experience while doing worthwhile work.
  • Meet the needs of the college in performing day-to-day operations.
  • Help students meet educational expenses.

CTC firmly believes that a meaningful, rewarding work experience is an educational benefit of lasting value.

Participation in the Work-Study Program is based upon need as determined by federal methodology using information from the FAFSA. In addition, students must be enrolled and remain at half-time status to be eligible for work study as well as meet the minimum requirement of academic progress which is a temporary and cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 each semester.

Work study applications are accepted in the Systems Services Building 111, Room 121 each semester. Students complete the application showing the hours they are available to work and skills they possess (i.e., typing, filing, computer skills, etc.). Supervisors from various campus departments with vacant positions review the work study applications and interview those students most suited to determine who will be hired.

Work study students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week at the federal Work Study wage of $8.00 an hour. Work study students must submit time sheets and are paid bimonthly according to the same payroll calendar as CTC employees. Funds are deposited directly to a student’s bank account which is arranged with the Payroll Office upon being hired. All federal work study earnings are subject to federal income taxes. Students will complete a W-4 form as part of the hiring process for a work study position. A W-2 Wage and Tax Statement is mailed to all work study students at the close of each calendar year. One important advantage for students participating in the federal Work Study Program is that taxable earnings from need-based employment programs are not counted toward the next year’s contribution for financial aid. Students simply report additional financial information when completing the FAFSA.