1. Is it possible to register for a course that is closed? If so, how do I go about doing so?

Yes. Written approval from the instructor is required.

  2. What is required for a course overload?

The student must receive written permission from a counselor/advisor.

  3. What is the difference between a TD, TH, TM and sections with just numbers or one alpha followed by numeric characters?

  • Section numbers containing TD are online courses.
  • Sections numbers containing TM are main campus courses.
  • Sections numbers containing TH are Ft. Hood campus courses.
  • Sections starting with just numbers (i.e. 2123) or one letter followed by numbers (i.e. U411, T345, C, D, K, L, N, P, R, S, U)) are for active duty military students or students not in Texas.

  4. What sections can I use for an in-class or an online course?

  • Any section containing TD for online courses.
  • Any section containing TM for main campus courses.
  • Any section containing TH for Ft. Hood campus courses.

  5. How do I register for a class?

If you have submitted an application and have an active degree plan on file, you may register for classes as follows:

  • Through Webadvisor
  • Completing the Texas and Distance Learning Registration form on eForms
  • Come to Building 119 (Student Services) on main campus for assistance filling out the eForms or using WebAdvisor

  6. When can I register for classes?

Please see the class schedule for your desired location and current term.  This information is also available on WebAdvisor under Student Planning.

  7. What is the deadline to register for online classes?

For local students, the last day to add or register for a distance learning course is the Thursday (11 p.m. Central Time) before the semester starts. Students not in the local area must register 12 days prior to the class start date. This is to allow enough time to purchase books and other required materials, if needed.

  8. What do I do if I receive a prereq not met error message?

Prerequisites have not been met. Please refer to the Academic Advising Page to determine your appropriate contact for assistance.

  9. What does the granted petition error message mean?

Written approval from the instructor or department chair is required. Instructor and/or department chair will enter the petition into the system and sign the registration (schedule change form). Form must be brought to Records & Registration (Bldg 119) or emailed to central.registration@ctcd.edu in order to enroll into the course.

  10. Why can’t I register on WebAdvisor?

Please review the error message that appears on the screen. Common error messages include:

  • Cannot place course on schedule at this time. This means the deadline to register has passed. Example: Last day to register for an online class is the Thursday before the class start date. This message could also mean that registration has not started yet. Please refer to the appropriate class schedule for registration dates.
  • Prerequisites have not been met. Please contact the appropriate advisor, based on your location.
  • Course repeat If you have taken the class once before and received a letter grade (includes a 'W'-withdrawal), the staff in Records & Registration will need to enroll you into this course. You will need to complete the Texas and Distance Learning form on eForms.
  • If it has been more than a year since you were last enrolled at CTC, you will need to submit a new application for admission. The application can be submitted online. Please call the Admissions department for further instructions at 254-526-1696.
  • The last day to drop, add, or register for a distance learning course in WebAdvisor is the Thursday (11 p.m. Central Time) before the semester starts.
  • The last day to drop, add, or register for a classroom course in WebAdvisor is the last day before the semester starts for classroom classes.

  11. Where are your forms located?

Please see eForms.

  12. How can I get an enrollment verification letter?

  • Submit your Request for Enrollment Verification and attach a copy of a valid photo ID through eForms.
  • Please allow 48 hours for all requests.
  • In certain circumstances, only tentative enrollment may be verified. Please contact the Records & Registration Department at (254) 526-1133 or visit Building 119, Room 102A for more information.

  13. My name, SSN or date of birth is incorrect. What should I do?

Submit the Name Change/Social Security Number Change form to Records & Registration with supporting documentation through eForms. Documentation includes copy of current photo ID and the name change document (i.e., copy of marriage license, divorce decree, social security card, etc.).

  14. What is the fax number, email address and phone number for Records & Registration?

FAX: (254)526-1961
Email: central.registration@ctcd.edu
Phone: 254-526-1131 or 1133

  15. How do I request a transcript?

For an official or unofficial copy, please see Transcripts. An unofficial copy may be viewed by accessing your WebAdvisor account.

  16. My home address or phone number on file with CTC is incorrect. Where can I submit the update?

This information can be updated through WebAdvisor. Click on Address Change within the User Account category.