Army Tuition Assistance (TA) policy states that in order to be eligible for TA you must have an official degree plan on file with the GoArmyEd portal. You may browse over 100 degree plans available through CTC on the GoArmyEd portal or on the CTC website.   GoArmyEd requires that all new students and students changing their home schools and/or degree programs must utilize VIA, a tool designed to assist Soldiers using tuition assistance to:


  • Identify a long term career goal;
  • Choose a degree plan that prepares the Soldier for their selected career goal; and,
  • Select a “best fit” and “best value” school offering the Soldier’s preferred degree plan.


To search for CTC programs in VIA, use the crosswalk provided to determine which of the recommended degree programs you should select in order to locate the corresponding CTC programs.  For each CTC program, the corresponding Department of Education Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code and CIP code description are provided.  For assistance with the search process, you may review the “VIA Degree Search Quick Reference” document.

For example, if searching for CTC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management (AAS-HS15) the CIP code listed in the crosswalk is 44.0401.  The CIP code description for 44.0401 is “Public Administration”.  Using this information, select “Public Administration” from the VIA recommended programs list.




When searching for Applied Technology, the CIP code is 29.0399 and the CIP code description is "Military Applied Sciences, Other".


After you have selected from the list of recommended programs, you will have an opportunity to select CTC as your home school.  Once completed, the degree programs specific to CTC will display.  You should then select the specific CTC program you plan to pursue (e.g. Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Applied Technology, etc.).

Servicemembers are eligible to receive an official evaluation upon admissions to CTC and upon receipt of all official college transcripts and the Joint Service Transcript (JST).

If the SOCAD Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree plan is not submitted, a hold will automatically be placed to prevent you from using TA until this requirement is met.  If you currently have a paper SOCAD SA or a documented degree plan from CTC, take it to your Army Education counselor to have it scanned and uploaded to your GoArmyEd Student Record eFile.

Course Planner:

Soldiers will be required to complete the Course Planner for degrees that do not have automated checks - Drop-down or Other degrees.  Drop-down degrees are those listed on GoArmyEd by title only and no other degree requirements are listed.  Other degrees are not listed by title as a Drop-down or fully-developed degree. 

The Course Planner will allow Soldiers to take ownership of their education plan by requiring Soldiers to list the courses that must be completed in order to earn their selected degree/certificate.  It will assist Soldiers with monitoring their progress and keep them on track to complete their program.  The Course Planner will be submitted to CTC for approval to ensure that every class advances the Soldier towards degree completion.  If you are required to complete a Course Planner, you will be automatically directed to complete the Course Planner prior to enrolling in your next class. 

The Course Planner must be submitted by the completion of six (6) semester hours with your home institution or nine (9) semester hours at any institution at which TA funds were utilized.  Like the SA/documented degree plan, if a Course Planner is not submitted and/or approved, a hold will automatically be placed on your account.

Basic steps for completing the Course Planner -

  1. Login to your GoArmyEd account.
  2. Select the "Course Planner" Smart link.
  3. Upload your current official degree plan.
  4. Enter the number of units (credit hours) remaining to complete your degree.
  5. Click "Add Course at Home School" icon if you plan to take your classes from CTC; otherwise, select the "Add Course" button which will prompt you to search for a different school.
  6. CTC has uploaded all courses to the GoArmyEd (GAE) portal; therefore you will be directed to browse the catalog.  If the school you have selected has not loaded their courses, you will manually enter the course information.
  7. Add the courses required to complete your degree to your course planner.
  8. Submit your course planner for approval.

For additional information about the Course Planner you may review the Course Planner Overview, the procedures for Uploading a Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan in the Course Planner, and step-by-step instructions explaining How to use the Course Planner.