Central Texas College

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Army Tuition Assistance (TA) policy states that in order to be eligible for TA you must have an official degree plan on file with the GoArmyEd portal. You may browse over 100 degree plans available through CTC on the GoArmyEd portal or on the CTC website.   Servicemembers are eligible to receive an official evaluation upon admissions to CTC and upon receipt of all official college transcripts and the Joint Service Transcript (JST).

If the SOCAD Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree plan is not submitted, a hold will automatically be placed to prevent you from using TA until this requirement is met.  If you currently have a paper SOCAD SA or a documented degree plan from CTC, take it to your Army Education counselor to have it scanned and uploaded to your GoArmyEd Student Record eFile.


Course Planner:

Some Soldiers will be required to complete the Course Planner.  The Course Planner will allow Soldiers to take ownership of their education plan.  It will be submitted to CTC for approval to ensure that every class advances the Soldier towards degree completion.  If you are required to complete a Course Planner, you will be automatically directed to complete the Course Planner prior to enrolling in your next class. 

For additional information about the Course Planner you may review the Course Planner Overview, the procedures for Uploading a Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan in the Course Planner, and step-by-step instructions explaining How to use the Course Planner.