The first step is to submit an application to CTC. The application is free and there are several ways to apply:

Online: Apply Yourself is an application available directly through CTC. It is submitted directly to our school for processing. Click on "Apply Now" button at the top of this page and follow the directions to apply. 

Some applicants may be required to bring in residency documentation. An admissions specialist will go over your application with you to determine if that’s necessary.

Students who are not Dual Enrollment/Early Admission students who have not graduated from high school or completed the GED will need to apply for Individual Approval status to take coursework at CTC.  The application for individual approval can be found here.

If a paper application is needed, you may print and complete the application to submit by mail, by fax or by e-mail attachment:

In person: Student Services (Bldg. 119)

By mail:

Central Texas College
Attention: Admissions
P.O. Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

By fax: Attention: Admissions, 254-526-1545

By e-mail:

Bacterial meningitis immunization requirement

Students may be required to submit proof of a bacterial meningitis vaccine before attending classes. If you are older than 21, reside outside the state of Texas or taking only online classes, you are likely exempt from this requirement. To see more detailed information, see Immunization Requirements.

Returning students and reclassification

A returning student is someone who has previously taken classes through CTC. In general, you will follow the steps above if it’s been more than a year since you last attended school or submitted an application. In some cases, this may lead to reclassification.

A student initially classified as a nonresident based upon information provided in the Core Residency Questions, may petition for reclassification by providing the CTC Admissions office located at the central campus in Killeen, Texas, with supporting documentation. If a change is made based on supporting documents and information received prior to the census date of the current term, the change will apply to the current term. Otherwise, any change will apply to the first succeeding term in which the student enrolls.

Browse our catalog for more information on residency documentation requirements and reclassification of non-Texas residents (page 29-33).