Central Texas College

Student Forms

This page contains many of the commonly used forms by CTC students. The forms are formatted for submission as eForms, web-based or fillable PDF with the exception of a few forms that are downloadable only. 

Use the eForm login if you:
  • submitted an Application for Admission on or after January 1, 2014.
  • enrolled in a CTC college-level course that ended on or after January 1, 2014.


Core Residency Form Adobe Reader Icon

Student Application for Admissions Adobe Reader Icon

Active Duty Military Verification Adobe download icon

Dual Credit Early Admissions Application Adobe Reader Icon

Dual Credit Early Admissions Authorization for Release of Information Adobe Reader Icon

Individual Approval-Request for Waiver eForm Icon

Business Office

Application for Refund Adobe icon

Continental and International Campuses

Continental Campus Withdrawl & Refund Form Adobe download icon

Continental Campus Registration Form Adobe icon


Evaluation Request Form Adobe PDF icon

Evaluation Request Form eForm icon

Financial Aid

The following forms are available in eForm format only: eForm Login eForms icon

2015-2016 Dependent Aggregate Verification

2015-2016 Dependent Child Support Verification

2015-2016 Dependent Custom Verification

2015-2016 Dependent Household Resource Verification

2015-2016 Dependent Standard Verification

2015-2016 Independent Aggregate Verification

2015-2016 Independent Child Support Verification

2015-2016 Independent Custom Verification

2015-2016 Independent Household Resource Verification

2015-2016 Independent Standard Verification

2015-2016 Non-Tax Filers

2015-2016 Notarized Statement

2015-2016 Student Loan Request

Financial Aid Contract

Satisfactory Academic Appeal

Selective Service Appeal


Application for Degree or Certificate Adobe PDF icon

Application for Degree or Certificate eForm icon

Application for Duplicate Diploma Adobe PDF icon

Preliminary Graduation RevieweForm icon

International Student Services

ELIS I-539 Instructions Adobe PDF icon

Morton Hall (Student Housing) Adobe PDF icon

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Verification Adobe PDF icon


Early Admissions Application & Documents Adobe PDF icon

Records and Registration

Name or Social Security Number Change eForm Icon
Please complete this affidavit and return to the Records & Registration Department with a copy of your photo ID and legal document(s) approving your name or social security number change. 

Request for Enrollment Verification eForm Icon
An Enrollment Verification Letter can be requested to verify course enrollment at Central Texas College.  You must be/must have been registered for the semester you are requesting to be verified.

Student Consent for Release of Academic Records Adobe download icon
Form is used to allow the release of educational records.

Student Application for Withdrawal eForm Icon
Form is used by students to drop from a course during the withdrawal period.

Texas & Distance Learning Registration eForm Icon
Form is used to register for on-campus and on-line classes for the Texas Campuses.

Schedule Change Request eForm Icon
Form is used for course changes (add/drop) on or after the first day of class.

Request to Withhold-Release Directory Information eForm Icon
Form is used to withhold or release directory information.

Student Complaint

Student Complaint Web form icon

Student Life

Activity Approval Form Adobe download icon

Annual Recognition Adobe download icon

Application for Recognition Adobe download icon

Assumption of Risk Adobe download icon

Assumption of Risk - Off-Campus Activities Adobe download icon

Assumption of Risk - On/Off-Campus Adobe download icon

Assumption of Risk - Possible Hazards Adobe download icon

Membership Roster Adobe download icon

Room Reservation Form 
Unavailable until further notice.

Sponsor Acknowledgement Statement Adobe download icon


Transcript Request Form Adobe PDF icon

Transcript Request Form eForm icon