The Texas Education Code and the CTCD Board of Trustees give the CTC Police Department the authority to regulate parking and traffic on campus and to issue parking permits and citations. Each person operating a motor vehicle or motorcycle on campus shall be held responsible for obeying all campus parking regulations as well as all state parking and traffic laws.

Central Texas College considers the use of a vehicle on campus a convenience and is not obligated to furnish unlimited parking to accommodate all vehicles.

Central Texas College will, however, attempt to provide a reasonable number of parking spaces in keeping with available resources, but it does not assume any liability concerning the protection of motor vehicles.

Student, staff, visitor and guest parking is available in parking lots throughout campus EXCEPT WHERE MARKED "No Parking", "Reserved", "Visitor", "Official Use Only", or "Adjunct Faculty", or where temporarily designated for a special individual, evet or activity. The entire vehicle, including motorcycles which are considered vehicles by State standards, must be within the boundaries of the marked space indicated by the painted yellow or white lines. Failure of one (1) vehicle to park within the marked boundaries of one parking space, is not implied consent for others to park with any part of their vehicle over the line or outside the marked boundary. Reserved parking spaces are limited to full-time staff members only which requires a yearly fee.

The vehicle owner/driver will be responsible for finding a legal parking space, and the lack of parking spaces close to where the student or staff member works or attends class is not a valid excuse for violating any parking regulation.

Students should avoid parking in Reserved, Official Use Only, Visitor, or other Special Reserved spaces from 6am to 6pm weekdays. After 6pm daily and all day on weekends and holidays all parking is open to anyone on a first come, first served basis, excluding handicapped spaces.

Vehicles in violation of any state law, rule or rule regulating parking on campus can be immobilized or towed to a storage facility. All charges incurred become the responsibility of the vehicle owner or operator.