The office of the Campus Police is located in Building 137, directly behind the Student Services (registration) Building 119. To contact the campus police non-emergency line, dial extension 1427 from any on-campus office phone. To contact the campus police using an off-campus or cellular phone, dial 254-526-1427.

Emergency Medical Calls

The Central Texas College police officers are trained as first responders in stabilizing patients, administrating CPR and first aid, and in the use of AED. For any medical emergency on campus regardless of how minor, faculty, staff and students should notify the campus police immediately at 254-526-1427 and call 911. The campus is serviced by both the Killeen Fire Department and Copperas Cove Fire Department's EMS ambulance services in cases of medical emergencies.


All campus buildings are equipped with internal fire alarm systems. In the event of a fire, or possible or suspected fire, the fire alarm should be activated and notification made to the campus police and to 911. The campus is serviced by the Killeen Fire Department in cases of fire emergency; and further supported by the Copperas Cove Fire Department depending on the location of the fire emergency on campus.

Alternative Patrol Methods

The police department has both a bicycle patrol program and "green vehicle" patrols which has proven to be an excellent method of policing the campus and bringing officers into closer contact with the college community. Since 1993, the department has owned two specially equipped police mountain bikes and in 2012 introduced two electric "green vehicles" for these specialized patrol operations.

One of the first in the State of Texas to implement an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) patrol program, the Central Texas College Police Department is proud of its rolling four wheeler police patrol unit. The inception of the CTCPD ATV began in the spring of 2006. As with the bicycle patrol, the ATV's mobility and speed permit officers to effectively patrol the rural areas on campus including the infamous CTC Duck Pond, the CTC Nature Trail and the CTC Farm and Ranch Management areas. Many benefits are associated with using both the ATV and the bicycle patrol. The mobility of a bicycle enables the officer to move silently in and out of close quarter areas more frequently and through congested areas more easily than a police sedan. The bicycle and ATV patrol officer is more approachable than the officer in a vehicle, which facilitates one-on-one contact with the public.

Since weather conditions are a major disadvantage to these alternative methods of patrol, bicycle patrols and ATV patrols may be suspended during extreme and inclement weather conditions.