Saturday Science

The second Saturday of every month, we focus on a different science-related theme! The program includes a two-hour, hands-on class followed by a show at the Mayborn Science Theater.

Upcoming classes


Weather Phenomena (Age 6-12)
Join us as we take a trip through the weather phenomena on our planet and others in our solar system. As we take this journey, we will create our very own Texas tornados, sweet snowflakes and more hands-on activities as we venture through each unique type of weather on our planet and others. Wear clothing you can get dirty in because the unexpected rain storms may cause a little mud! Carroll Beckom is an educational program assistant at the Mayborn Science Theater. (1 meeting)
Jun 11  SAT     1-4 pm     Cost/$39

Up-Cycling: Christmas in July (Age 6-12)
Make your own decorations and gifts from materials you have in your own home, like paper tubes, containers and household odds and ends. Project ideas include handy napkin rings, a light saber and holiday. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a snack. Carroll Beckom (see Weather Phenomena). (1 meeting)
Jul 9     SAT     1-4 pm        Cost/$39

The Moon Made Me Do It!  (Age 6-12)   
Explore truths and myths about the moon. What effects do lunar cycles really have on living organisms? Lunar cycles have been linked with many aspects of human biology, behavior and folklore including crime, birthrates, fertility, werewolves and vampirism. In this lesson, students will discuss various phenomena in living organisms attributed to lunar cycles. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook, something to write with plus a snack and drink for the break. Carroll Beckom (see Weather Phenomena). (1 meeting)
Aug 13 SAT     1-4 pm        Cost/$35


For more information or to register, call 526-1586.