The MyPlan program provides guidance and information to help people make important career and educational decisions. MyPlan uses proven career development processes to help with career assessment and exploration.

  • For those seeking clarity on career goals, MyPlan provides information based on their own interests, abilities, and work values—based on comprehensive, research-proven assessments.
  • For those seeking quick, accurate answers to career-related questions, MyPlan provides easy access to comprehensive, coordinated information about occupations (civilian and military), majors, schools, scholarships and financial aid, and job seeking tools.



  • To use MyPlan, enter this URL:
  • Click on the “Account” tab at the top of the page
  • Under New User: Click on “Create Free Account”
  • Complete registration
  • Enter License code: MLXUVAC5 (expires 7/31/2019)
  1. Personality Assessment - Learn about yourself (20 minutes)
  2. Interest Inventory - Learn what you like to do (25 minutes)
  3. Skills Profiler - Learn what you do well (15 minutes)
  4. Values Assessment - Learn what is important to you (12 minutes)