2 Plus 2 articulations are agreements between Central Texas College and senior institutions that permit CTC students to "lock in" to a 4-year degree when they register at CTC. Students are guaranteed that every course they take at CTC will transfer to the senior institution and that the degree requirements will not change once their 2 Plus 2 degree plans are signed.

Examples of programs of study include liberal arts, teacher certification programs, business administration, computer science, criminal justice, nursing and industrial technology programs. CTC has 2 Plus 2 degree plans with the senior colleges and universities listed below.

For institutions inquiring about more information, please contact articulation.agreements@ctcd.edu

For students inquiring about transfer opportunities, please contact transfer.advisor@ctcd.edu or (254) 526-1667.

Articulation agreements are currently in place with the institutions below. In addition, the TCCNS Matrix provides course equivalencies between many Texas institutions.