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Whether you are thinking ahead and want to earn college credits before you graduate or you are preparing for high school graduation and need a plan for your future, it's time you checked into CTC.

Dual credit gives high school students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

  • Dual credit is the process of enrolling in college courses and using those classes as credit toward high school graduation, as well as attaining regular college credit.
  • Early admission is the process of enrolling in college courses at the same time that you are in high school. These classes are not being used toward high school graduation.

Contact your high school counselor to learn more about dual credit programs in your area.

Trying to decide between Advanced Placement (AP) courses and dual credit courses? Click here for a comparison.

Checklist to Get Started

Use the following checklist to guide you through the dual credit process. All required dual credit forms (Application for Admission, Dual Credit/Early Admissions Approval/Advising Plan, Class Registration and Dual Credit Release of Information) can be found on this page. Incomplete applications, including any missing paperwork, forms and residency documents will not be accepted.

Dual Credit Participant Handbook

This Dual Credit Program Handbook has been prepared by Central Texas College for use with area high schools, both private and public, homeschooled, and independent school districts that are interested in dual credit partnerships.

Dual Credit/Early Admissions Approval/Advising Plan

If you are have already taken dual credit classes and want to schedule more, please utilize this form. This form must be signed by you, your parent, and your high school representative and turned in to your CTC representative along with your class registration form included in the checklist above.

Are you a high school senior this year?

Fast Track provides on-site application, financial aid, and advisement assistance for graduating seniors on their high school campus.  Let us help you celebrate your high school graduation by getting you ready to start college with this free program!

Information for Parents

Click here for dual credit information for parents.

Information for Dual Credit Faculty

Click here if you are a current or prospective dual credit faculty member.

Information for High School Counselors

Click here for dual credit information for high school counselors.