Central Texas College

Fast Track

The CTC Fast Track program provides one-on-one support to help you through each step of the college admissions process so you can make a smooth transition from high school to college. We walk you through the application process, placement testing, and also provide you financial aid information on your high school campus. Then we offer you a tour of the CTC campus at the end of the year.

Since many of the steps along the way are the same as the application process for all colleges, the Fast Track program also benefits students who plan to attend other colleges or universities. In addition, students who complete the Fast Track program may register for CTC classes for up to one year without completing additional admission paperwork.

General Program Information

Central Texas College staff will schedule the following sessions for students at each high school:

  • Initial information session
  • Application session – CTC representative will be on-site to walk students through the application
  • Financial aid, scholarships
  • Advising/career planning/financial aid – on-site visits, no waiting in long lines on campus
  • Campus tour
  • Fast Track Finale

For a month-by-month breakdown of the Fast Track program, please click here.

Student Advantages of Participation

High school seniors benefit from Fast Track regardless of what college they plan to attend:

  • Assessment test scores (TSI*) and FAFSA can be used for other colleges.
  • Students who plan to attend CTC are ready to register for classes for up to one year – no additional paperwork is required.
  • Students who plan to attend a different Texas public institution can register for CTC summer courses which transfer easily to other institutions.
  • Hands-on financial aid assistance is available for all students regardless of their final college destination.

*Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Although CTC is an open-admission community college, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) program uses assessment, advising, and remediation to ensure students have the necessary skills to be successful in freshman academic coursework. TSI requires student assessments in reading, writing, and math skills prior to enrolling in college unless the student is TSI-exempt or TSI-waived. The state-approved TSI tests are ACT, SAT, STAAR, TAKS, and the TSI-Assessment. For more information on how you may be exempt or waived, please click here.