All tuition assistance (TA) course registration requests, drops and withdrawals must take place in the GoArmyEd portal which is designed to enforce Army policy by allowing and preventing course registration requests.

Tuition Assistance (TA)  requests MUST be approved prior to the first class day.  There are several ways to request TA in GoArmyEd.  Depending on the degree you are pursuing, you will  be routed  to the correct process.  Check your "Smart Links" for either the "Request TA" or "Course Planner" link.  If you only have the "Request TA" link, review the  How to Enroll in a Class through GoArmyEd step-by-step instructions.  If you are required to complete the course planner the "Course Planner" link should display.  You will find the How to Enroll into Classes Using the Course Planner step-by-step instructions helpful.

Check our current class schedules or visit with your local representative to identify in which classes you plan to enroll.  Classes must advance you toward completing your approved degree.

Considering enrolling in online classes? Before you register, learn more about Distance Education. Explore learning styles, technical requirements, test drive an actual class, and see the tips for success.

Also, remember to verify that you are enrolling in the correct online class section. The leading alpha character of the class section (e.g. 'D' in HIST-1301-D001), determines the type of section. See the descriptions below:

  • 'D' - CENTCOM locations include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAR.
  • 'U' – All USAREUR locations.
  • 'T' – Locations in the state of Texas (includes bona fide Texas residents assigned to other locations). For residency information, see College Costs in the current CTC catalog.
  • 'N' – Nonresidents, to include third repeaters (please see the Academic Policies in the current CTC catalog).

If you are not certain of the correct section in which to enroll, contact your local CTC site representative or a CTC GoArmyEd Counselor.

Don't forget to check your preferred GoArmyEd email account and your CTC EagleMail account for notifications regarding your enrollment request (i.e. registration, drop, or withdrawal).