Professional Development


Professional Development

Continuing Education programs and courses offer wonderful opportunities to energize your career, update and expand your professional expertise, explore new fields, justify promotion and expand your professional network. Our training courses help you expand your existing knowledge and skills by focusing on what you need to meet job requirements and career goals. Continuing Education also helps keep you informed regarding new developments in your career field by offering classes sanctioned by state and national associations and licensing boards. In some cases, students also have the option to earn continuing education units (CEUs).

If the training you're interested in is related to your current job, why not ask your employer to pay for it? Call the Continuing Education office at 254-526-1586 if you need additional information about a particular course for your employer.

Workforce Education

Workforce education and training programs are designed to meet the special needs of individuals and businesses. Opportunities are available for those individuals who wish to learn a new skill or enhance their existing talents. Whether you want to develop better computer, writing or customer service skills, you'll find courses planned with you in mind.

Customized Training

Continuing Education can teach one of our existing classes just for your business at your location or on our campus. We can also develop training for your business. Take advantage of our customized training service by working with us to develop programs tailored to the content, schedule and location requirements of your specific business. These programs are a wonderful way to increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Contact 254-526-1586 for more information.