College for Kids




College for Kids (CFK) provides a summer of education for students of all ages starting as young as five. Through College for Kids, students can discover new talents, meet new friends, and expand their knowledge in a fun hands-on learning environment under the guidance of highly passionate and experienced Instructors.


Thank you to all of the students who participated in College for Kids during Summer 2021! We had a blast programming robots, baking cookies, learning about aliens, and creating Minecraft worlds with you (amongst others)! We hope you had a fun-filled, educational, and engaging summer. Best of luck in the upcoming school year!



New this year, we are offering CFK in the Spring! Registration is currently open.


Be Great on Purpose (Age 13-17)          

Many people fail to take the necessary action to achieve their goals because of a sense of overwhelm. The goal appears to be too large and too difficult to achieve, or maybe they are lacking some of the skills required to achieve that goal. That’s where Be Great on Purpose steps in. This course will encourage students to “just start” and be courageous through the process of learning. Students will learn some basic strategies to start creating success in any area of life they choose from where they currently are to where they want to be by turning their dreams and ideas into a concrete vision. You don’t have to be great to start, however you do have to start to be great! Bring a notebook and pencil with you to class. Vantonio Fraley is a successful entrepreneur and founder of a nonprofit that mentors individuals through education, entrepreneurship and sports to empower them to be all they can be. (4 meetings)

Feb 1-22                      TUE    6-7:30 pm

May 3-24                     TUE    6-7:30 pm


Be Your Own Unique (Age 10-17)     NEW!

Be Your Own Unique will inspire students to be comfortable with their own distinctive abilities in a structured curriculum that focuses on the student’s abilities and talents, fostering their purpose, and supporting their ideas and passions. This course will challenge the student's assertiveness and ability to use their voice to speak out, with confidence.  This course will allow children the freedom to move freely in their own exceptionality and celebrate themselves in their journey navigating through their childhood, and/or youth. This class will touch on bullying, and rejection that kids face sometimes by their peers. It will allow the students a tailored recovery plan that they can use for their everyday life, to combat challenging moments.  This course will assist in the fundamentals of self-care, and acceptance. This course offers trauma support for children who have been victimized by domestic abuse. Bring a sack lunch to class. Schantel Thomas is an experienced speaker on domestic violence awareness and an advocate for victims who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and bullying. (4 meetings)

Apr 23             SAT     9 am-1 pm



Babysitter Training (Age 10-16)              

Explore the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants to be a safe and responsible babysitter. Students will develop leadership skills and how to start or improve a babysitting business. Other course topics include safety, discipline and basic child care and first aid. Students will receive a Red Cross certification upon completion of class. Also included as a class bonus is Red Cross’s Pillowcase Project, which is a preparedness education program that teaches students about personal and family preparedness and safety skills, local hazards, and basic coping skills. Students will be led through a “Learn, Practice, Share” framework to engage them in disaster preparedness and survival skills. Upon completion, students receive a sturdy pillowcase in which to build their personal emergency supplies kit. Bring a sack lunch. Wear comfortable clothing - no tank tops or short shorts. Kenya Andrews has been a certified trainer and volunteer with the American Red Cross for over 29 years. (1 meeting)

Feb 26             SAT     9 am-2 pm

May 21            SAT     9 am-2 pm


Basic Aid Training (Age 6-10)

Basic Aid Training (BAT) introduces children to safety information and first aid procedures for a variety of situations with emphasis on safety, recognizing an emergency, getting help and caring for a victim. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to know how to check and help someone that is choking, perform hands only CPR, identify household poisons and how to prevent poisoning, and how to treat minor first aid injuries. Students will receive a Certificate of Training from First Aid 4-U at the end of class. Also included as a class bonus is American Red Cross’s Prepare with Pedro program. Prepare with Pedro is a preparedness education program that teaches students how to be prepared and take action for either home fires or a local hazard through a story featuring a penguin named Pedro. Students learn a coping skill and receive a storybook to share what they have learned at home. Wear comfortable clothing - no tank tops or short shorts. Please bring a sack lunch. Kenya Andrews (see Babysitter Training). (1 meeting)

Mar 5              SAT     9 am-2 pm



EscapEDX for K12 (Online Self-Paced)      NEW!

This revolutionary role-playing game (RPG) pits student-created avatars against the villainous S-Quad as they search for Indiana Royster, journalist and truth-sleuth extraordinaire. Hidden clues help players complete critical thinking tasks as they attempt to find Indy before the S-Quad silences him forever. Players socialize safely as they unwittingly develop 21st Century, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Common Core, and Bloom’s higher-order thinking skills. With little more than a web browser, players will learn to think of education as an adventure. Course is online self-paced; choose your own start date. Jeremy Royster (see EscapEDX for Undergrads).


Call 254-526-1586 to register.